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Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit is now available at Heart of Louisiana Credit Union! Mobile Deposit is a free service within our FREE Mobile App. This new service allows you to:

  • Deposit Checks - From your Smartphone, tap 'Make a Deposit'. You will choose whether the check is deposited into savings or checking. Simply enter the amount of the check, take a front and back picture of the check with your Smartphone, and Heart of Louisiana Credit Union does the rest.

         For your check to be eligible for mobile deposit, it must:

             1. Have 'For Mobile Deposit Only' written on the back of the check

             2. Be payable for an amount ranging from $0.01 to $1,500

  • View the Deposit History - You can view checks you've taken pictures of within the last thirty (30) days. Mobile Deposit allows you to view 'All' checks, 'Pending' checks (those waiting for deposit by the Credit Union), 'Failed' checks (checkes we cannot deposit), and 'Accepted' checks (checks deposited/ completed. 

Mobile Deposit is available to qualified members* with our Free Mobile App. If you don't see the 'Deposits' tab at the bottom of the Mobile App, you cannot use Mobile Deposit.


* Eligibility for Mobile Deposit is subject to Credit Union approval. Preliminary qualifications include (1) having a checking account for more than 90 days, (2) cannot have any chargeoffs, (3) having an account free of delinquencies for the last 30 days, and (4) not having a courtesy pay loan with a balance.

Although Mobile Deposit is free, usage rates from your mobile carrier may apply when using the Mobile App.