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Report Card Winners Announced

Good Grades lead to Great prizes

Our young members are scoring BIG with their Honor Roll report cards! All members in grade school had the opportunity during the 2012-2013 school year to enter their report cards for some routine drawings and the grand prize drawings: a Kindle® Fire HD with a $100 Amazon™ gift card and an Apple iTouch® with a $50 iTunes® gift card. 

Congratulations to Blake R from Pineville and S’Tyra Baines from Alexandria! Blake was the top grand prize winner of the Kindle and Amazon gift card while S’Tyra received the second grand prize, an Apple iTouch with the $50 gift card.

The young members below each received a $20 gift card to The Grand Theatre.

Bradley from Dry Prong                             Cheryl from Tullos

Laikyn from Ball                                        Lainey from Ball

Lydia from Boyce                                      Eric from Boyce

Riley from Pollock                                     Gavin from Deville

Nicholas from Alexandria


Are you a little bummed that you didn’t win or didn’t get to enter the drawings? Don’t worry, we’re going to give away some more great prizes with the next school year.