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Staff and Volunteers

The personnel at Heart of Lousiana Credit Union is made up of staff and a volunteer board/supervisory committee.


Dustin Cameron Monchondria Allen
Cody Yancovich Claudia Garcia
Sheryl Adams Leah Fuller
Nancy Brown Rachel Hall    
Lindsey Brocato Brandy Morace    
Heather Clark Kaycee Mesina    
Lending & Member Service Office Ext.
Charolette Harrell VP Branches/ Member Service Pineville 318-619-1918
Cheryl Ray VP of Lending Pineville 318-619-1912
Justin Stanley Business Lending Officer Pineville 318-619-1958
Andrea Roberson Family Financial Officer Commerce 318-619-1950
Bruce Cotton Family Financial Officer Pineville 318-619-1954
Lakisha Dixon Family Financial Officer Commerce 318-619-1929
Amanda Fitzgerald Family Financial Officer Coliseum 318-619-1940
Janet Grounds Family Financial Officer Coliseum 318-619-1921
Nikki Crabtree Family Financial Officer Pineville 318-619-1911
Pamela Neitz Family Financial Officer Pineville 318-619-1914
Brennan Patrick Family Financial Officer Pineville 318-619-1906
Melani Swanson Family Financial Officer Coliseum 318-619-1923
Angela Clark Loan Processor Pineville 318-619-1903
Samantha Roberts Records Clerk Pineville 318-619-1916
Susan Douzart Mortgage Loan Officer Pineville  318-619-1913 
Operations Office Ext.
Craig Roy Chief Financial Officer Pineville 318-619-1904
Desiree Gary Controller Pineville 318-619-1909
Mike Briggs IT Manager Pineville 318-619-1907
Angela Cooksey Accounting Specialist Pineville 318-619-1908
Shelia Hopkins Accounting Specialist II Pineville 318-619-1910
Stacey LeBlanc Collections Officer/ Insurance  Pineville  318-619-1952 
Administration  Office Ext.
Cynthia Beauregard President Pineville 318-619-1905
Maria Miranda Internal Auditor Pineville
Joanne Cook-Harris Branch Manager Commerce 318-619-1943
Kimberly Hoffpauir  Branch Manager Coliseum 318-619-1942
Leann Ball Administrative Assistant Pineville 318-619-1901 
Lynette Hazelton Marketing Director Pineville 318-619-1902
Valarie Montgomery Human Resources Manager Pineville 318-619-1922
Angie Baker Employee Development Officer Pineville 318-619-1931
Andrea Kimsey Marketing Assistant Pineville 318-619-1920
Alice Glass Receptionist Pineville 318-619-1900
Rhonda Crooks Telephone Teller Pineville 318-619-1900
Lynn Haymn Call Center Manager Pineville 318-619-1953