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Staff and Volunteers

The personnel at Heart of Lousiana Credit Union is made up of staff and a volunteer board/supervisory committee.


Dustin Cameron Monchondria Allen
Kristen Blood Taylor Johnson
Sheryl Adams Patricia Parker
Kayla Stevens Andrew Foster    
Lindsay Brocato      
Member Services  Office Ext.
Shannon Herron Member Service Representative Coliseum 1958
Lending & Member Service Office Ext.
Charolette Harrell VP Branches/ Member Service Pineville 1918
Cheryl Ray VP of Lending Pineville 1912
Andrea Roberson Family Financial Officer Pineville 1950
Bruce Cotton Family Financial Officer Pineville 1954
Lakisha Dixon Family Financial Officer Pineville 5360
Lynn Haymon Family Financial Officer Pineville 1953
Family Financial Officer Commerce
Nikki Crabtree Family Financial Officer Commerce 1911
Kimberly Street Family Financial Officer Commerce 1917
Nikki Hammond Family Financial Officer Commerce  1924
Elizabeth McCormick Family Financial Officer Coliseum 1955
Melani Swanson Family Financial Officer Coliseum 1923
Angela Clark Loan Processor Pineville 5370
Samantha Roberts Records Clerk Pineville 1916
Susan Douzart Mortgage Loan Officer Pineville  1913 
Operations Office Ext.
Craig Roy Chief Financial Officer Pineville 1904
Karen Chandler Operations Manager Pineville 1919
Madeleine Rudd Controller Pineville 1909
Mike Briggs IT Manager Pineville 1907
Angela Cooksey Accounting Specialist Pineville 1908
Shelia Hopkins Accounting Specialist II Pineville 1910
Stacey LeBlanc Collections Officer/ Insurance  Pineville  1952 
Administration  Office Ext.
Cynthia Beauregard President Pineville 1905
Alana Williams Internal Auditor Pineville 1920
Branch Manager Commerce  1906
  Branch Manager Coliseum  1914
Leann Ball Administrative Assistant Pineville 1901 
Lynette Hazelton Marketing Director Pineville 1902
Valarie Montgomery Human Resources Manager Pineville 1922
Angie Baker Employee Development Officer Pineville  
Alice Glass Receptionist Pineville 0
Rhonda Crooks Receptionist Pineville 0
Monika Poole Internal Auditor Assistant Pineville 5170