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What’s the Best Way to Tackle Debt?

Snowball vs. avalanche method of crushing debt

Getting rid of debt isn’t easy, but if you’re ready to do what it takes, you can shake off any amount of debt.

Let’s take a look at two popular approaches for paying down debt and explore the pros and cons of each.

The Debt Snowball Method

This approach involves focusing on paying off the smallest debt first and then working on the next-smallest debt until it’s all paid off.

Where is my Stimulus Check?

man holding cellphone

Q: Everyone I talk to seems to have already gotten their stimulus money, but I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. Where is my stimulus check?

A: More than half of eligible Americans have already received their Economic Impact Payment, but tens of millions more are still waiting. We’ll let you in on when you can expect yours, how to help it come quicker and why you may not even be receiving a stimulus payment.

Power Outage - Commerce Street Branch Closed

Commerce street branch closed due to loss of power

UPDATE: April 29, 2020 at 10:50 AM

Power is restored at our Commerce Street branch. The branch will reopen to member traffic at 11:30 AM.

Commerce Street Branch Closed

Our Commerce Street Branch is temporarily closed due to a power outage.

We ask that our Alexandria members visit our Coliseum Boulevard location for service at this time.

We will continue to update this posting as the situation evolves.


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