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Sending the kids back to school on a budgetSending the kids back to school on a budget

For many kids after a long summer, the thought of going back to school is a welcome change. New classes and classmates, old friends and expected routines can all be exciting for your children. But for parents, back to school, and more specifically back to school shopping, can be stressful. With all the technology, clothing and other material expected, back to school shopping is often a huge financial burden on families. If you have multiple kids, it can seem impossible. Before you blow this month’s budget on back-to-school shopping, consider a few of these ideas on how to send your kids back to school without ruining your budget.

1. Buy used items

One of the easiest ways to save money on things like tech and clothing is to buy items used. There is a possibility that certain things, maybe new technology or a good durable backpack, should be new. However, most of the items your children need do not need to be new. There are a number of options for buying quality items new, from thrift stores to apps like OfferUp or Craigslist. Many of these items are barely used, yet a fraction of the original cost. Most likely, nobody, including your kids, will even know that it’s used.

2. Don’t buy everything at once

Of course, it’s fun and time efficient to go to the store and get a years-worth of clothing at one time for your kiddos. But it’s also expensive, even if you are buying everything used. Instead of buying everything at once, spread out clothing purchases over the course of the school year. Most likely, your kid’s style and needs will change over the course of the year and buying clothes periodically will make it easier to stay on top of their changing needs.

3. Use the library

Books, particularly for older kids, can be some of the most expensive items you need. However, if the book they need for a book report or project is not one you want to keep long term, consider your local library. Even if your local library doesn’t have the book, they can often request the book from another library and get it for you.

Of course, we also offer a back-to-school loan to help you spread the cost of back to school over multiple months at a low rate!