Wire Transfers | Heart of Louisiana Credit Union

Receiving a Wire Transfer

To receive a wire transfer, please provide the following information to the person sending the wire:

  • Heart of Louisiana FCU
    303 Edgewood Drive
    Pineville, LA 71360
  • Heart of Louisiana FCU Routing/ABA Number: 265273054
  • Member’s Name
  • Member’s Account Number

Sending a Wire Transfer

To send a wire transfer, you must get the following information from the person you are sending the wire to:

  • Financial Institution Name
  • Financial Institution Address
  • Financial Institution Routing/ABA number
  • Beneficiary Name
  • Beneficiary Account number

The person that you are sending the wire to should verify the wiring instructions with his/her financial institution.  Please note that the cutoff time for sending a wire is 12:00 noon.  Any wires received after this time will be held until the next business day.

For your added convenience, click here to complete and print your wire transfer request. After signing your form, please return it to Heart of Louisiana Credit Union for processing.

Questions? Give us a call at 800-264-4562. We're happy to help.

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